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Greater Collaboration
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Introducing OPRG Consulting–created to enable greater collaboration and innovation across OPRG’s specialized consultancies in language strategy, social impact and fundraising, global health, and global change management. On their own, each firm offers unique world-class capabilities, from strategy to action. When these firms come together in collaborative combinations to leverage opportunities and solve problems, the results are innovative, bespoke solutions clients won’t find anywhere else.

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Why OPRG Consulting?

OPRG Consulting’s individual firms come together to work with OPRG’s iconic agencies to offer unique strategy-to-action solutions. Here are some examples where cross-consultancy collaboration can deliver greater impact:

Helping companies make a bigger, faster impact in ESG

Re-framing the language to mitigate bias and confusion, aligning CSR strategies with ESG goals, and changing how ESG is operationalized across every division and level of the company.

Creating break through solutions in health equity

Maximizing the integration of health equity into commercial and societal corporate strategies — via partnerships and signature programs, addressing internal gaps and barriers, changing minds with language and CSR alignment.

Re-imagining the future for product launches

Helping leaders pivot from traditional launch planning to creating the language that wins, reinventing operating models and ways of working, and aligning launches with societal priorities.


The Executive Leadership team of OPRG Consulting includes:

Ewan Main
Managing Partner
Luke Hall
Chief Financial Officer
Roshni Khemani
Chief People Officer

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Each OPRG Consulting firm is fully autonomous. For more information specifically about any of our individual consultancies, please contact them directly.

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